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Seeking A Just Resolution

Charles L. Puckett (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-6906-5 ©2011
Price: $15.95
Book Size: 5.5'' x 8.5'' , 278 pages
Category/Subject: LAW / General

Presented here is a Case Study revealing a tragic event where a few church officials, like the Pharisees of old, relied on the enslaving hypocrisy of a Legalistic Christianity.

When one loses his true place within the will of God [the God he has served for nearly thirty years as a local church pastor] friends must rally around, pray for him, and as God expects, give action to those prayers. Dr. Paul L. Freeman was a young man who lost his way and while recovering, found himself, along with his family, dealing with a tragic turn of events. While on Incapacity Leave from a Conference of the United Methodist Church, he found himself in the grips of Religious Legalism. Pastor, Rev. John Stone, and the executive committee of Dr. Paul Freeman’s former church brought criminal charges against Dr. Paul Freeman.

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Customer Reviews

  Accountability versus Intimidation , 12/13/2012
Reviewer: John Grenfell, Jr.
As a former District Superintendent in the United Methodist Church, Charlie Puckett has done well in capturing the process of accountability in the United Methodist Book of Discipline. A formal complaint must be signed by those making the complaint and the person charged, the respondent, is considered innocent until proven guilty. In the case study Charlie is reporting, the Executive Committee of the local church was led by the Senior Pastor in the formulating of this complaint. This pastor, being the Chairperson of the Board of Ordained Ministry for that annual conference, had to know that the evidence he wanted to use in this complaint had to be a charge of crime. The evidence that was brought was more than six years old and the statue of limitations for a complaint is six years. It is amazing that the Chairperson of the Board of Ordained Ministry would understand the statue of limitations but not know that the evidence that was brought forward was not in violation of The Book of Discipline. This is the reason I entitled my review "Accountability versus Intimidation. All the effort of the Senior Pastor in this story was an attempt to initmidate the accused in order to undermine the effective and successful ministry of the pastor he had replaced. The outcome of this story is a reminder that integrity and faithfulness to a quality process seeking the truth is the best path to justice.

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  A true Adventure , 12/13/2012
Reviewer: Dr. Jerry T. Cross
Mr. Charley Puckett does an outstanding job in his ability to show what the Methodist "Book of Discipline" can do to a minister when false charges are brought against them. All of his facts backed by documentations he has on hand. This is a must read for all Methodist Ministers.

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  Attention getter before you start to read. , 12/13/2012
Reviewer: Janice M Pope
It will hold your attention and the way the Bishop and the new Minister tried to distroy previou Minister that build the church upon Gods word . This is a book that everyone should read and look around to see what is going on in our Churches today.

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  A MUST READ!!! , 08/06/2013
Reviewer: Heather Perryman
Could not put the book down. Very interesting and eye opening! This "Rev. Stone", should be a politician not a pastor! What pastor could put a fellow pastor "Dr. Paul Freemon" and his family through living hell his last couple of years on this earth? How in the world does "Rev. Stone" sleep at night? How can "Rev. Stone" preach the word of God and encourage others to follow God when his actions are ungodly? Everyone falls short and "Dr. Paul" will forever be a greater man in my eyes than the so called "Rev. Stone! Thank you to the author and many others that stood beside "Dr. Paul" he was blessed to have such great friends that stood beside him until the end. I know "Dr. Paul's" family will be forever grateful to have their husbands, fathers, sons name cleared. "Rev. Stone" should step down and find another career that does NOT require compassion.

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