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Let's Shoot for Friday

Daniel S. Goodman (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-6503-5 ©2011
Price: $13.95
Book Size: 8.5" x 11" , 158 pages
Category/Subject: HUMOR / General

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Customer Reviews

  Let's Shoot for Friday , 10/24/2011
Reviewer: Dan goodman
Pun and wit can come together to resemble something like poetry. "Let's Shoot For Friday" is a collection of poetry-like bursts of language and wit from Daniel S. Goodman who offers many twists of language,observations and much more into a unique picture. " Let's Shoot For Friday" is worth considering for humor collections. Example: " I wonder if the waterboy for the New Orleans Saints passes out holy water to the players just before the game." Midwest Book Review...Five Stars

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  Let's Shoot For Friday , 12/19/2011
Reviewer: Denny Roberts
This review was written by Ev Parker of The Napa Valley Register: "My writer friend, Dan Goodman out of New England,where laughs are closely rationed by the Puritans who sold Dan on sunny California, gave me his ninth book of one liners, the latest work, Let's Shoot For Friday" and published by Infinity Publishing. Dan reminds me of the late Georgie Jessel, once "Toastmaster General" of the U.S" with his on-the-mark one liners, and he never fails to produce a chuckle or two or three, page after page. From his "Sex And The Decline Of Montana to his latest work, the laughs and headshakers keep coming, as in"The Two Biggest Pyramid Schemes", Bernie Madoff and King Tut. Dan got my attention way back with his two word description of baseball, which he defined as "Lou Gehrig" and we've been pals from then on."

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