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Life Can't Be All Serious

William F. Zaun (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-6051-3 ©2010
Price: $13.95
Book Size: 5.5'' x 8.5'' , 106 pages
Category/Subject: BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY / Lawyers & Judges

This book is a humorous depiction of life as seen through the eyes of an attorney-magisterial district justice who has a combined 38 years of professional experience.

In his book, Bill takes the reader through his life experiences from childhood to retirement. The book amusingly describes how humor can erupt in the life of a professional at the most unexpected and inopportune times. As a practicing attorney and then magisterial district justice, he reveals both in court and out of court scenes that provoked spontaneous laughter.

The author explains how these true to life scenarios unfolded and the lessons that were learned from these experiences.

Finally, the writer concludes that even the serious and solemn halls of justice are not immune from evoking unforgettable hilarity.

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Customer Reviews

  From Outsider to Insider , 07/01/2010
Reviewer: Joan Thirion
Zaun takes readers along on his journey from Outsider to Insider, starting with a two vote trouncing in a high school election and ending with being elected district court judge. He spins a thread of amusing anecdotes reminiscent of Reader's Digest's All in a Day's Life stories. Chicken delivery boy and Catholic schoolboy stories are wound into court stories to form a humorous tapestry of a man who knows how to laugh at himself.

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  , 07/09/2010
Reviewer: Susan Shetter
Amusing! Entertaining! Creative! The author has combined all this to reveal life as he experienced it starting with antics of his childhood, his career as a lawyer and magisterial district justice, and now the life lessons he shares with us as he starts his retirement. Many people might be able to identify with one or more of his stories. Zaun has a unique ability to laugh about his own circumstances. He gives us lots of reminders of how to not take life so seriously. This reader found herself laughing out loud as she read each tale of life and the hilarious names and actions of the various characters. This book is a delightful collection of memoirs and Zaun's optimistic outlook on life. It's great for reading one story at a time or spending time reading the whole book. The book is well written, flows well, and is an easy read.

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