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Land Matters with CD: The "Country Real Estate" Columns, 2007-2009

Curtis Seltzer (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-5956-6 ©2010
Price: $29.95
Book Size: 8.5" x 11" , 365 pages
Category/Subject: BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Real Estate

Land Matters: The “Country Real Estate” Columns, 2007-2009 collects Curtis Seltzer’s weekly writings about life and work in Blue Grass, Virginia where he’s lived and worked on a cattle-and-timber farm since 1983.

Land Matters is a collection of “Country Real Estate” columns from 2007 to 2009. Curtis Seltzer syndicates them weekly to about 500 newspapers, magazines, blogs, brokers and individuals.

All have a connection to land—living on it, working it, being shaped by it. They follow the tracks of E.B.White.

Many are humorous, some even intentionally so. The funny ones try to cast a longer eye as well. The serious ones try not to be overly earnest.

The accompanying CD includes five-minute commentaries done for public radio WVTF in Roanoke, Virginia in 2009. Each commentary is based on a column.

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Customer Reviews

  Unsolicited comments on Country Real Estate columns , 08/18/2010
Reviewer: curtis seltzer
UNSOLICITED Comments on “Country Real Estate” columns and Land Matters: The “Country Real Estate” columns, 2007-2009 “Another winner! Damn, you’re good!” Beverly Jones, 7/17/2010 “Great column. Hope it sees lots of publication. Thanks for writing it.” Marlene Condon, 7/16/2010 “I’m honored to be on your mailing list.” Mark Friedman, 7/16/2010 “Damn, you’re good!” Steven P. Cohen, 7/16/2010 “Wise words as always.” Richard Dale-Mesaros, 7/13/2010 “You should send this to Garry Trudeau.” Al Cross, 6/10/2010 “Verrrry funny and clever.” Nancy Debevoise, 6/10/2010 “A lot of truisms in this article.” Jim Kuntz, 6/4/2010 “Your thoughts…ring of the poet. Good job as usual.” Walter Stephens, 6/3/2010 “Great column as usual.” Lee Laechelt, 5/27/2010 “You nailed it.” William Resneck, 5/27/2010 “I always look forward to reading the pieces your brain and computer team up to emit. Well-constructed and entertaining.” Steven P. Cohen, 5/21/2010 I am really enjoying your columns. I enjoy your wit.” Caroline Smith, 5/21/2010 “Good one. …you had fun with this one—written like a true non-conformist.” John Harnish, 5/20/2010 “I certainly like the cost-benefit attack you used for this specific article,” Harold Cody, 5/19/2010 “I like this.” Press Stephens, 5/17/2010 “Absolutely wonderful. You nailed high school, reunions, friendships and memories.” Morry Heller, 5/17/2010 “It’s terrific, and I’ve read it about five times since yesterday.” Susan Cohen, 5/14/2010 “Bravo.” Jay Leipzig, 5/14/2010 “Touched by this beautifully written piece.” Bev Jones, 5/13/2010 “This is beautiful. You’ve said it all so much better than I ever could.” Elizabeth Tracy, 5/13/2010 “Quite good indeed.” Joseph Mohbat, 5/13/2010 “That piece was an analytic gem.” Karin Banks, 5/6/2010 “Good column.” Clif Rexrode, 4/30/2010 You probably wrote the most thoughtful article about immigration issues that I have ever read.” Karin Banks, 4/29/2010 “Latest piece is superb. NPR definitely ought to see this one.” Ken Harney, 4/22/2010 “I’m afraid that you are right.” Terry Mock, 4/22/2010 “Now you’re talking.” Charles Siegal, 4/22/2010 “Your story gave me a laugh—as they almost always do.” John Sefton, 4/10/2010 “I always enjoy your columns.” Stephanie Armour, 4/15/2010 “Very nice. A bit EBWhite-ish, which is my highest compliment.” Nancy Debevoise, 4/9/2010 “I enjoy your columns.” Tom Mastin, 3/24/2010 “You make me laugh out loud.” Roberta Degnore, 3/11/2010 “Thank you for the laughs.” Kelly Branham, 3/11/2010 “Quite thought provoking.” Lee Laechelt, 3/14/2010 “I enjoy your essays.” Dave Crawley, 2/21/2010 “Your article is so funny. I was laughing through my guts. I even showed it to my husband.” Veena Shekar, 2/13/2010 “You have a wicked way of inserting these ever so subtle digs.” Niranjan Patel, 2/1/2010 “Great points about the challenges of dwindling rural towns.” Marisa Morgan Dallman, 2/6/2010 “…well-written piece on terrorism/security in the US.” John Watson, 1/7/2010 “I always read [your columns].” JaneAnne Narrin, 1/1/2010 “I enjoy reading your essays. You have a great sense of humor as well as a sense of what’s really important in life. Some of your essays are quite touching.” Marlene Condon, 12/31/09 “I have enjoyed your columns all year.” Barbara Kimmel, 12/24/2010 “Your Santa bit with your wife in this weekend's “Weekend Virginia” [WVTF, public radio] is a masterpiece. One of the best I've heard all day! Good job. Thanks for your weekly contributions. They are greatly appreciated.” Rick Mattioni, station manager, 12/19/2009 “This is very good!” Fred Echols, WVTF, 12/18/2009 “Damn, you’re good at this.” Milton Lehman, 12/16/2009 “Do you have any idea how funny you are?” Barbara Kimmel, 12/3/2009 “I just finished reading your article. I couldn't stop reading it. I laughed all the way through it. I have had similar experiences. (Not so funny when it's actually happening to you). Thanks for the entertainment.” Sandra Morris, 11/19/2009 “Enjoyed your article. Keep them coming.” Tom Bell, 11/19/2009 “Curtis—you are a poet!” Toby Donovan, 11/12/2009 “Great article Curtis!” Andrew Bunch, 10/19/2009 “I enjoyed your article. We recently relocated to rural America and have experienced exactly what you wrote. I wish I would've read your article before we moved. It would've made the understanding of how ‘transplants’ are treated when they first move to an area.” Lisa Teal, 10/19/2009 “Thanks for forwarding me your latest article. The dog looked cockeyed at me as I sat here laughing at a laptop screen. There was a pearl of insight in there that is going to stick in my brain. ‘You match your judgment against both an unknown probability of something bad happening and the degree of penalty if you’re wrong.’ I can't think of much in life that doesn't apply to.” J Brian Haugh, 10/17/2009 “I am so glad I am on your list.” Gissa Weingartner, 10/15,2009 “Thank you! I relate to your Cluckery conundrum and laughed frequently and out loud.” Cindy Chandler, 10/15/2009 Curtis - I found #107 very enlightening and eye-opening. Contains a lot of common sense and truisms. I have been the new comer to several rural communities in my 71+ years. First rule of thumb is ‘LISTEN TO PEOPLE.’ Thanks for your good advice!” Jim Kuntz, 10/8/2009 “Why aren’t you syndicated?” Ken Harney, 3/19/2009 “Wow, this is a great piece.” Stacey Winn, 3/19/2009 Just wanted to let you know that Paragraph 5 of your new column is genius! It's the best commentary I have read in a long time.” Gloria Bowman, Executive Vice President, REALTORS® Land Institute Paragraph 5: The real-estate frolic was not, shall we say, sustainable, because it was the product of fraudulent appraisals, unscrupulous lenders, greed-driven speculators, individual home buyers who chose not to add or subtract, gamblers and crooks masquerading as risk managers, brokers and agents who made hay while the sun shone, commentators who blew hot air into the bubble, government regulators who did not regulate and politicians who did not want to rock a ship of self-interested fools. (If I missed somebody, it was not intentional.) “You are the Verlyn Klinkenborg of the Blue Ridge.” Joseph Mohbat, 9/29/2009 “Well done.......Bravo.” Dave Kinchen, 9/18,2009 “What a great story Curtis, with your permission I would like to use this with my kids and my kids school classes. We live on the edge of Memphis and as you write and as I interpret it, that most people do not understand this way of life, I DO and I love it. …the City of Memphis has just done away with our Mid-South Fair this year and moved it to Mississippi after 80+ years that we showed cattle at as we were growing up for 15 years and as you described in your article was so much a part of our lives. Your article is so appropriate and there are a lot of people in this screwed up world that should read and understand this.” Bob Turner, 9/17/2009 “Great Article Curtis! Let us all know when the cardboard box arrives. Maybe someone has some oceanfront property in Arizona that you could sell for them!” Robert King, 8/24/2009

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