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A Bright New Morning: An American Story

Phil Mitchell (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-5763-6 ©2009
Price: $10.95
Book Size: 5.5'' x 8.5'' , 113 pages
Category/Subject: BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY / General

A Bright New Morning is a powerful story of Phil Mitchell’s life and journey to find America bringing glimpses of hope that will help you start your day.

A Bright New Morning is the powerful story of his life and journey to find America. A mystic, poet, and historian, Phil Mitchell brings America to God’s light in a new way. Mitchell describes his journey of growing up in America. America is his home. Along the way he explains what it means to find the road and travel with each other. He talks about his faith. This book has many thoughts to reflect upon. The author also talks about the danger of America falling into darkness and apart as a family. The book has many glimpses of hope that will touch your heart and help you to start your day.

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Customer Reviews

  , 07/14/2010
Reviewer: Mike Teresi
America is a huge diverse and beautiful country. Phil Mitchell did a wonderful job in making the reader realize that the USA could be an even a more beautiful place. This would happen if more people would realize that the very foundation of the nation is a strong family unit.

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  , 07/14/2010
Reviewer: Paul Davis
Musician-Singer-Songwriter-Teacher and now an Author. Phil Mitchell displays great autobiographical warmth and passion when he shares his memories, introspection, and aspirations. Although throughout he recalls nostalgic, religous, and patriotic anecdotes, this undertaking boasts other colorful and caring subject-matters. On his book journey, he covers many sensible thought provoking mystical themes close to his heart. Reverent, respectful, and refined, these themes flow with an almost perceptible sense of passion amid biographical memories. This book is nostalgic and unadorned yet engaging and inspiring, and should garner great interest.

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  , 07/14/2010
Reviewer: Francis Cardinal George
"Many thanks for sending me your book, A Bright New Morning: An American Story. i have gone through it quickly, but I read enough to know how you have lived your life with integrity in our country and how your faith has helped you to maintain that integrity in good times and in bad. Congratulations on your book and thank you for your life of faith." Francis Cardinal George Archbishop of Chicago

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  America: Beautiful Forever , 03/28/2015
Reviewer: Alex Fasulo
Phil Mitchell captures America's fusion of beauty and faith in an encompassing narrative. America the beautiful, Mitchell argues, can be even more beautiful. Our nation's foundations on God and family are the building blocks for what makes America so unique and infallible. This book offers an alternative view to the importance of a stable family unit through the past, present and future. Mitchell harnesses his experiences and visions through faith and transforms them into an enlightening and eye-opening story. The nostalgia jumping from each page left me emotional and proud of my country. I applaud Mitchell for the majestic scene he craftily painted with eloquent language and refined thought.

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