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Odom Oracle

Sherrie Paty Barber (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-5579-X ©2009
Price: $24.95
Book Size: 8.5" x 11" , 423 pages
Category/Subject: FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS / General

Odom Oracle follows six generations of the James W. and Mary Crisp Odom family spanning across America from Tennessee in 1815 to post World War I years.

Odom Oracle chronicles six generations of the James W. and Mary Crisp Odom family from 1811-1925. By James’ death in 1843 a family dynasty had been formed in Middle Tennessee. Among the second generation, Franklin Odom, who owned over 2000 acres of land, more than 90 horses and 75 slaves, fought beside his six sons for the Confederacy. By war’s end Franklin had 5 sons, no horses and land over run by carpetbaggers. War’s devastation uprooted numerous Odom families moving them from Tennessee towards Texas and beyond. This is the Middle Tennessee Odom story.

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Customer Reviews

  Wonderful book of the Odom family of Middle Tennessee and beyond! , 11/19/2009
Reviewer: Jim Yates
Just got through thumbing through Odom Oracle by Sherrie Paty Barber and just had to give this wonderful book a review! Sherrie has done her homework and collected a TON of information on the Odom family that is so well known in the middle Tennessee area and beyond to Texas and Oklahoma. I knew but just a small part of the history of my grandfather's Odom heritage but Sherrie's book gives an abundance of information to fill in the "blanks". It's well written and easy to follow and is a work of love that I will be proud to hand down to my children so they can read of their "roots". Thanks for a job well done Sherrie! Jim

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  Odom Oracle , 11/20/2009
Reviewer: Danny Nichols
For exciting insight into one of Tennessee's premier pioneer families, this book offers up nothing short of an interesting and exciting read. With stories of love, murder, intrigue, and much about the Civil War, this family encompasses what many families endured during the early days of Tennessee history. The research is excellent and woven throughout the genealogy of the book are stories that will rip your heart or leave you sitting on the edge of your seat. I can't wait to see this book brought to life on screen some day. What a story!

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  Oracle gives those wise answers , 11/20/2009
Reviewer: Carolyn Hesselink
Census records can be dry as dust, but Mrs. Barber's wise use of her carefully gathered information sources brings to colorful life her generations of Odoms. Using birth, marriage, and death certificates, exploring draft registrations, letters, and laughing with us over the census takers' inadvertent mistakes, pulls back the coffin covers of countless cemetaries. Suddenly one realizes that one-of-a-kind names have always existed and always been a source of misspellings and misunderstandings as to whether it was applied to a girl or a boy. Enjoy the letters and the stories that will be repeated over and over and enjoyed as if they had just happened.

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  Its A Page Turner , 11/25/2009
Reviewer: Ward Odom
If there existed a Nobel Prize for genealogical research and documentation Sherii Barber would most certainly be this year's recipient. It is difficult to imagine the man-hours (woman hours ?) the author expended in the compilation of data for her book. I am so excited about "The Odom Oracle". We now have, in one single document, an instrument that our children and our children's children can use to learn about their heritage. Thank you so very much Sherii for your efforts in developing this excellent book'

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  Odom Oracle , 04/17/2010
Reviewer: Gloria Odom Trommler
Thank you, Sherrie, for publishing your Odom Oracle (2009). It has long been an ambition of mine to see this information made available to our ODOM relatives so that it is recorded for future generations. My unpublished rough draft version, 23 Dec 1996, is entitled A Trail of Time, compiled & edited by Betty McCormick St Dizier and Gloria Odom Trommler (bogged down with census). Received your copy on the 16th of April and went to bed reading it. An update: on page 12, Samuel Crisp Odom & Mary Elizabeth Owen; 1850 Census: 1st child is missing as follows: “Elisabeth Odom, age 17 (b ca 1833), F, b TN, attended school.” Descendants of James ODOM and Mary CRISP should all own a copy of this well documented resource.

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  Odom Oracle , 08/31/2010
Reviewer: Sande Willard Harsey
This book is delightful! As others have discussed, Ms. Barbers research is as close to impeccable as I believe one can get, and her handling of dry and dusty material is deft. Best of all, she manages to make many of these family members come alive with reminiscences and letters and other materials. The book is well organized and immensely readable. Thank you, Sherrie Barber for such an enjoyable introduction to the large Odom family.

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