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Redemptive Love: Healing from Sexual Abuse at the Foot of the Cross

MaryAnn Whittingham (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-5545-5 ©2009
Price: $12.95
Book Size: 5.5'' x 8.5'' , 172 pages
Category/Subject: SELF-HELP / Abuse

There is hope and redemption for those who have been sexually abused. Journey with me through the pages of this book and see how God can set you free.

The purpose of this book is to share the redemptive love of Jesus with those who have been sexually abused. To give hope to those whose lives have been shattered because of sexual abuse. Also, to encourage you that there is freedom from a life of sexual abuse. It is my belief that through this book, our loving Savior, Jesus Christ, is going to redeem many lives that have been damaged from sexual abuse.

This book shows how God's Word can be the source of healing for women who have been sexually abused. It also shares my testimony, struggles, and journey that the Lord took me through in order to redeem me from sexual abuse.

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Customer Reviews

  It was alsome! , 11/16/2009
Reviewer: Debbie LaRose
I really liked this book because it was life changing. God really used this book to bring things out in my life. It is a very helpful and impacting book to have.

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  BEST BOOK READ! , 06/30/2010
Reviewer: Joyce Christner
This book was a touching and inspiring book to read. Through this book, the faith and healing of the Lord shows you how you can go through anything. I would recommend everyone to read this book who was abused in any way. It will help you understand how the Lord can help you get through anything.

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  Book is very well written! , 10/02/2014
Reviewer: Rita Barber
This book was,very well written. The author like myself had to overcome many hardships in her life. With the power of God, she not only proved to herself but to others that you can overcome difficult situations. It is in these difficult situations that God "tests" us the most and that is when we must trust him the most. After reading Maryann's book, I have come to understand that I am not the only one who has overcome such hardships but that it has made us who we are today which is a stronger person.

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  Life Changing , 11/14/2014
Reviewer: Tammy
This book has changed my life. It has helped me to share with my family what happened to me, which has given me such freedom. This book has helped me see that I am not the only one having these feelings; that someone else struggled with what I am going through. My marriage has been greater than its ever been. My husband is able to understand me better now since I have read this book and been able to share with him what had happened to me. Overall, I feel alive now thanks to this author sharing her story through this book.

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