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Daughter of God: The Inquisition of Sarah Beaux

J.F. Chambers (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-5163-8 ©2009
Price: $19.95
Book Size: 5.5'' x 8.5'' , 393 pages
Category/Subject: FICTION / Religious

Healing the sick, performing miracles, upsetting the religious authorities and getting crucified. It happened again, but this time it’s a girl and she is fighting back to save lives.

Another child is here from God. This time it’s a girl. Young Sarah healed the sick, but she soon upset religious authorities when she said their idea of God was wrong. She ran away, and now heads an Internet company with a new generation of computers and a world wide following. She is healing again in the jungle, but recently American intelligence only watched from a distance as a drug cartel crucified her. Rumors say she is still alive and fighting to save lives. A lone female intelligence agent sets off down the river into darkness to find the truth.

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Customer Reviews

  Thought Provoking, Well Written , 03/07/2009
Reviewer: Mary Lupton
From a talented new author comes a well researched, imaginative, but believable story about the daughter of God born into modern times. I had the privilege of reading this book twice, and enjoyed it even more the second time. I hope there will be a sequel.

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  Author's comments , 03/29/2009
Reviewer: J. F. Chambers
If you are reading this book review then you are looking for more information. You will like this review for three reasons: 1. This book review includes the novel’s introduction: “I am the Daughter of God.” My twin sister was running away, and when I asked her why, Sarah told me she was divine. I told her she was crazy. She said, “I have work to do, Marie. I have to go.” Sarah kissed me and whispered, “Peace.” She opened the bedroom window, glanced briefly at the streets of Philadelphia then looking up at the stars Sarah slipped into the night. The next morning I told Dad Sarah ran away from home. He told me she was a nut just like her mother. He said he didn’t care. We were ten years old. [The Story of Sarah Beaux according to her sister Marie] ……………………………………… 2. This book review also includes the text from the back cover: Young Sarah could heal the sick, but she upset the religious authorities when she told them their idea of God was wrong. She ran away and now years later, she heads an international computer company with advanced generation computers and a following on the Internet that is quickly growing. Sarah was again healing people in the jungle, but when she warned the world about a new deadly illicit drug, the local cartel became angry and took her hostage to crucify her. American Intelligence was aware of the danger Sarah was in, but they only watched from a distance. Now the rumors say Sarah is not only still alive, but she is in the jungle fighting the cartel to save lives. A lone female agent has decided to go down the river into darkness to search for Sarah and find the truth. The Church inquisitors in Ecuador know Sarah can heal the sick, but they say she will never be a saint. Some inquisitors believe that if Sarah was killed by the cartel then it was just God=s will, because of her Internet blasphemy about the teachings and traditions of the Church. Sarah left a message for the world written on the old mission wall. It is a revision of the commandments and a list of rules for the religious faiths of the world to follow, because they have failed through out history with their responsibilities. The Story of Sarah Beaux is told by three people: The man asked by the Church to investigate her; the female agent who went down the jungle river to search for her; and Sarah=s sister, Marie, who answered her call and went to her side only to be swept up in the violence and controversy swirling around the Daughter of God. ……………………………………. 3. The third reason you will want to read this book review is because the author answers some of the questions you might want answered before you decide to purchase the novel. Question: Is this book advocating the author’s personal religion? Answer: No. The main character, Sarah Beaux, is critical of the world’s major religions for several reasons: Their treatment of women; their historical attempts to convert the rest of the world, often by force; their failure to bring about world peace; and their inability to co-exist with science. Sarah Beaux’s focus is on the truth. Whatever it is. Question: Does the story include scenes of heaven and angels? Answer: No. The story is based on a non-theistic concept of God and the story is without magic or miracles that can’t be explained by science. There are no angels or demons. Question: Who is Sarah Beaux? Answer: A young girl who can heal people, but she runs away because her parents continually fight about her ability. She later becomes an international singer/songwriter, and she starts an Internet computer company that provides individual advice and support to her followers. Sarah’s conflict with a drug cartel causes her to come to the attention of the United States CIA who fear her, because of the advanced artificial intelligence level of her computer system. Much of the story is about her conflict with a drug cartel. Question: What genre is this novel? Answer: The novel was classified as religious, but that might be misleading. The author’s main influence was astronomer Carl Sagan who wrote the fiction novel ‘Contact,’ which was about earth being contacted by extra-terrestrials. Sagan’s novel was based on good science, some of which did not yet exist, and his book did not have spaceships or little green men. If earth is contacted from space in the future then it would probably happen like Sagan described it. This novel is about a young woman who might be a daughter of God. If it did happen then it might be someone like Sarah. Question: How does the author respond to those who quote the Bible, “His only begotten Son?” Answer: If people believe that God sent his child to us 2,000 years ago then they have to believe he can do it again if he wants. The author thinks some people would really be unhappy if God sent us a girl, which is why he would probably do it. Question: The novel mentions the CIA, a drug cartel, the jungle, and religion, so does it contain sex and violence? Answer: Yes, of course. [the sex isn’t graphic]. Question: Is there a message for the reader? Answer: Yes, Sarah Beaux says we should follow the moral laws and live a good life here on earth. She also briefly describes how someone can obtain happiness. Peace, J.F. Chambers

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