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Teen Talk for Parents- 7 Secrets for Safe, Smart & Successful Teens

Dari Dyrness-Olsen (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-5153-0 ©2009
Price: $14.95
Book Size: 5.5'' x 8.5'' , 91 pages
Category/Subject: FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS / Teenagers

Learn how to protect your teen from the everyday risks of growing up in the 21st century. The 7 SECRETS revealed in this book will help you raise a SAFE, SMART & SUCCESSFUL teen.

Dear Parents,
Learn how to protect your teen from the everyday risks of growing up in the 21st century. The 7 SECRETS revealed in this book will help you raise a SAFE, SMART & SUCCESSFUL teen. During these challenging years, you will unfortunately know teens that will get pregnant, be in abusive relationships, injure themselves in car accidents, and possibly overdose on drugs. The TEEN TALK TIPS found in this book will help you prevent your son or daughter from making these life-altering mistakes. TEEN TALK is a must-read book for every parent raising a teen in today’s world!

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Customer Reviews

  Excellent Reference Book , 03/17/2009
Reviewer: Rosemary
Teen Talk is a wonderful reference - how to book for raising teenagers in the 21st century. It is truly a handbook for parents to be able to look up specific situations they are finding themselves in with regards to their child and get some "common sense", logical type of advice. I especially loved the Teen Talk Tips throughout the text of the chapters as they serve as quick reminders and great conversation starters with your teen. Parents today are needed more than ever to be present to their kids and there seems to be a tendency on the part of parents to assume that if the kids have a cell they will "keep in touch" with their parents and parents can feel comfortable with that. A phone cannot replace a face-to-face conversation and will never have the impact on a child of lisetnting to a parent's voice and seeing the expression of love and concern and as Dari points out - "where are they when they are calling you?" Developing a good relationship with your child will help both of you get through the teen years successfully and this book will be one I will pick up frequently!!

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  Wow! , 03/27/2009
Reviewer: Trish
IF YOU HAVE TEENAGERS, YOU MUST READ THIS BOOK! This little book is chock full of must-read information for parents of teenagers. It can be a scary world out there...but there are measures that parents can take to ensure that their children enjoy their teenhoods while also being safe. This book is a treasure trove of helpful information for raising teens in the new millenium!

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  Must read! , 03/30/2009
Reviewer: Margaret
TEEN TALK is a phenomenal guide and “must read” book for every parent. Dari has a wonderful way of showing how to raise a successful and safe teen in today’s “high tech- low touch” world. She shows how today’s technology can be a big disadvantage in parenting , pointing out the dangerous games in which our children get involved, from easy access to and easy distribution of content of sexual nature on the internet, to being lulled into the deceit of child-predators. Dari shows you how to turn this potentially harmful drawback into helpful tools that will allow you to be on top of what’s going on in your teen’s life. The book is a quick and easy read, but provides so much concise and effective information - a real eye opener! Thank you, Dari!

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  Excellent , 03/31/2009
Reviewer: Nilsa
Teen Talk is a wonderful instructional book that every parent should read. Children today are facing so many difficult issues that as parents we must be ready and prepared to deal with. We can't stick our heads in the sand and make believe that it will go away. Dari's book is an excellent source of advice and information that is priceless to every parent who picks up the book. Parents who read Dari's book will be grateful for all the valuable information that will equipped them to raise a smart and successful teenager. I am an aunt of two beautiful young nephews and the book helped me to have an opened and honest conversation with my nephew. My favorite line in the book is "parenting is a verb." Parents must be active and willing to take action against our society to keep our children safe. Thank you Dari.

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  Teen Talk , 04/02/2009
Reviewer: Christine
Teen Talk, by Dari Dyrness-Olsen, is an important book for parents in this era of cell phones, texting, My Space, FaceBook, etc. The author stresses the importance of communication, especially face to face, and offers tips on how to open up those lines of communication and keep them open. She reinforces the idea that teen want and need boundries, and that parents must be proactive in helping their kids avoid pitfalls that could have dire consequences in their lives. I was happy to be able to give this book to my daughter, who is the mother of two girls, aged 11 and 13. She found it to be a useful resource that she'll refer to again and again.

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  A must read! , 04/07/2009
Reviewer: Elaine
This book was packed with excellent advice on how to parent and "arm" your children against negative influences when they enter their teen years. Dari writes with a straightforward, no-nonsense style which makes it very easy to rdigest and read - even in one sitting! My eyes twere opened to activities, situations that teens face that I wasn't even aware of. I purchased a copy of this for my friend who has 2 teenage daughters. This is an excellent reference book and a MUST READ by every parent!

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  Don't miss it! , 04/16/2009
Reviewer: Barbara Giaquinto
I have a 12 year old son, and was concerned about helping him be responsible through his teen years. Though there were certain limits and directions I knew I should be helping him with, I felt confused and hated "tough love". However, after reading Dari's book, I became empowered as a parent and realized that taking the "easy" way out made me feel good, but in the end was ruining him. Her book gives you immediate techniques for changing the direction of your household's priorities to help your teen "survive". Don't wait to read this book- you're teen is depending on you!!

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