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Finding the Moon in Sugar

Gint Aras (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-5093-3 ©2008
Price: $14.95
Book Size: 5.5'' x 8.5'' , 249 pages
Category/Subject: FICTION / Literary

“Gint Aras’ writing is infused with a rare sensitivity for the thousands of seemingly trivial things that give meaning to life. He invites us to laugh at his hero, then sneaks him into our hearts.” Dan Vyleta, author of Pavel & I

In this tragicomedy, Gint Aras’ hapless and marijuana-dazed narrator, Andrew Nowak, is seduced by a bombshell internet bride. The mysterious and wealthy Audra soon consumes the twenty year-old boy’s imagination, a welcome distraction from his needy mother and sister. Wild and hilarious adventures await Andy in Lithuania when he sells his possessions to follow Audra abroad. But he soon finds himself trapped penniless in her world of illness, regret and sex. Stumbling backwards into a romance he never sees coming, Andy must deal with Audra’s narcissism and grapple to understand her, a struggle that just might destroy him.

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Customer Reviews

  , 01/09/2009
Reviewer: Chris Forester
I read the book in two days, it would not let me go. I had a blast, at times laughing out loud and at times wanting to give characters a hug...Anybody who wants to feel alive and enjoy purity of human emotions should read this book.

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  Witty, funny, charming, dramatic! , 01/20/2009
Reviewer: Michelle Walker
Fast-paced, yet easy-going, this novel evokes a variety of emotions and dispels mundane routines. Following the travels and thoughts of Andrew Nowak will leave a lasting impression on you. You’ll laugh, you’ll cheer, you’ll question, you’ll believe! Each chapter stands alone and you can definitely go back to read them again at random. If you have traveled through Europe, such as small countries like Lithuania, or lived in Chicago, especially the Berwyn area, you will appreciate the vivid descriptions of the neighborhood venues and local inhabitants. Witty conversations mixed with eccentric personalities will touch your heart and shake your soul. If you have ever dared to ask and risked to want more, or ventured out to change your life and survived even when your world was turned upside down, then you will enjoy this tale of bravery, compassion, determination, and hope.

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  AWESOMENESS...... , 01/21/2009
Reviewer: Ana
I really liked the book, I also finished it in like about 2 days, It is a really interesting book, and being a psychology major, it is a very interesting book looking at it from that p.o.v. I really enjoyed it and it is just a really nice and easy read when you want to just relax, and look at others peoples' insanity. All in all A REALLY REALLY GOOD BOOK!

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  Brilliant! , 01/25/2009
Reviewer: Barbara Harris
I found this book to be a quick, enjoyable read. I hope that everyone gets the chance to wander about in the mind of Andy Nowak and his adventures!

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  Wit and Truth , 01/30/2009
Reviewer: R. Mockaitis
The author gives Andy Nowak a unique voice that helps to pull you in to the character quickly. The descriptions of otherwise regular things and actions in a new and refreshing way is what really sets this novel apart from others. Here, the author has a real talent for turning a phrase that makes you stop reading just to savour it for a moment before reading on. On its face, some may say this novel is about drugs and sex and travel, but those are just vehicles for the authors message that there is truth in the little things we experience. We discover those little truths along with Andy, although oftentimes Andy doesn't realize it for what it is. It is those discoveries along the way and the wit of the delivery that really make this novel a unique and compelling read.

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