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Korean War Sketches: Chosin Resevoir Campaign

Anne Kelly Lane (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-5042-9 ©2008
Price: $18.95
Book Size: 8.5" x 11" , 97 pages
Category/Subject: HISTORY / Military / Korean War

Surrounded and outnumbered, the Marines were written off as lost—but instead, their valiant fight from Chosin to the sea wrote a heroic new chapter in Marine Corp history.

When Chinese Communist forces joined North Korea with the intention of annihilating an entire Marine Division at the Chosin Reservoir, Steve Jordan was there. These authentic Korean War sketches reflect what he witnessed while serving with the 1st Marine Division in one of the most epic battles in Marine Corps history. These drawings give true insight into the view of an enlisted man caught up in an immense happening, enduring cold, deprivation and combat, but still prevailing. The text is intended to provide the reader with necessary background and to encourage further reading about the Korean War.

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Customer Reviews

  Read it!!! , 12/30/2008
Reviewer: Sue List
What a battle! What heroes! What a terrific book!

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  Great Book , 01/08/2009
Reviewer: Dennis McCoy
I think every American should read the story of these heroic men who endured such horrific hardships while extricating themselves from the Chosin Reservoir to the sea. In the midst of a brutal sub-zero North Korean winter, and all the while under constant attack from a relentless enemy. I found the book: Informative, entertaining, and the wonderfully sketched. Anne Lane and Steve Jordan’s collaboration have made this book one of the best narrations of the Korean conflict, and worth your time to read.

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  Must Read , 03/31/2010
Reviewer: Norman H. Salisbury
I was very young during the Korean War. This book educated me on what really happened, the hardship of the war and what our brave military personal had to endure. Very well illustrated and narrated. Enjoyed very much, and consider it a must read.

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  excellent,on the mark. , 10/29/2015
Reviewer: stanley paul kopko
a different look at the Korean War through a man that was there. Anne Kelly once again hits the mark for clear understandable and colorful writing.

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