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It's Never Only Business

Michael White (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-4729-0 ©2008
Price: $14.95
Book Size: 5.5'' x 8.5'' , 84 pages
Category/Subject: BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Small Business

Michael White grew his company from a small engineering firm into a large firm using a philosophy that emphasizes attention to people and their needs. Michael tells of his experiences as an entrepreneur and successful businessman through anecdotes about his business.

This book provides a history of a small business and anecdotes from Michael White’s tenure as the owner. Interspersed throughout this book is the philosophy that Michael White used to aid in growing his firm. This philosophy can serve as a blueprint for small business owners to follow as they grow their company. Michael lays out his simple philosophy for running a firm that allowed him to grow the firm from approximately 20 people to over 100 while seeing annual revenues grow from $700,000.00 to $12,000,000.00.

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Customer Reviews

Reviewer: Keith Loftis
We all knew you cared and appreciated us as we appreciated you. Your open door policy, walking around to say good morning to us EVERY day stands out in my mind. I loved your book, it mad me remember many things over my early years at WFW, and I can truly say to any business owner looking to purchase this book that this man is genuine, the writings in this book are very true and accurate on his care for his employees. He has been there and helped me many times personally almost with a wave of his wand as if there never were a problem to begin with. With that being said I can say "That you never know what you have until its gone" and that can be your boss someday too.

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  Excellent Read , 07/07/2008
Reviewer: Rui Silva
This book was an excellent and easy read. It was a conversation over coffee, relaxing and informative. A walk down memory lane for me but also a validation of what I knew to be true. The methods and insights presented in this book are on the mark for anyone wanting to grow their business, have loyal employees and build a great place for them to come and work. Everyone should take a close look at these practices and truly consider if they are right for their company. The payoff can be incredible.

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