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Pima Maricopa Rememberances: God's Plan for Me

Barbara Mountain Ackman (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-3889-5 ©2007
Price: $14.95
Book Size: 5.5'' x 8.5'' , 229 pages
Category/Subject: BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY / Religious

She journeyed into an unknown culture of mistrust and skepticism only to find her self consumed with their problems, and entrapped by their love.

Pima-Maricopa Remembrances – God’s Plan For Me is the personal experiences of the author in her twenty-five year tenure on the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community, first as a volunteer and then under tribal jurisdiction. All the stories are true – some happy, some sad, some funny, some historical and many spiritual. They include the opening of Helping Hands, a tribal thrift store and spearheading the building of Friendship Park – a community park-playground. The stories were written to preserve her inter actions, as an Anglo, with the Native American and to encourage others to look outside ones self, explore and undertake what seems impossible.

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Customer Reviews

  Pima-Maricopa , 05/07/2007
Reviewer: Amy Cook
This is a story like no other. Barbara's strong desire enabled her to come in contact with the Native Americans and gain such knowledge and understanding of them. Through her love, she experienced their spiritual sensitivity that prevails throughout their many hardships. Some happenings have joy and others reveal real sadness. Her enduring dedication produced a brighter outlook for so many. The detailed episodes showed the positive changes that are bringing new hope for future generations.

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  Many, many thanks to you and your husband , 05/16/2007
Reviewer: Vickie Miles
Although you do not use people's names or the names of households, me being a member of this communtiy I know of some of the people you captured in your detailed descriptions. I can remember back to those people and of those houses. I myself lived in an "L" shaped adobe house. I just can not begin to tell you all the memories that you have brought back.

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  Nicely done! , 06/03/2007
Reviewer: Arthur Landrey
This book is an inspiration to those who are longing for God's direction in their lives! Nicely done Barbara!

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  God's Goodness and spirit is felt as you read it , 06/06/2007
Reviewer: Terri Nath
Anyone who knows me,knows I am not a reader of books because either the print is small, it doesn't keep my interest, or it's too long. I've just not been a fan of reading. This book is different! It's an easy read, not too long, but most of all you can't put it down! Anyone, who believes in God and His blessings and direction in our daily lives, will totally enjoy reading this book and feel His goodness and spirit as they read it. I'm not saying this just because I'm the authors daughter. I was skeptical about how good it would actually be. It's better than I ever imagined and I'm proud of you Mom. It is you taking from your heart.

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  True picture of Indian life , 06/13/2007
Reviewer: Bob Paca
There has been much written about ourr native Americans. The book written by Barbara Ackerman gives the reader a true picture of how things really are on Indian reservations. She takes you through the many real life situations that exist there in a warm and loving way. The white man's gift of liquor to the Indians is the most cruel thing we could have done. Especially as we knew that they are unable to handle alcohol. Many of her heart breaking stories stem from homes where alcohol caused problems. There are many stories in a lighter vein, but all her stories are from her heart and paint memorable pictures of life on a reservation. Very well done, Barbara. Thank you for sharing.

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  From the Heart , 07/11/2007
Reviewer: Shirley Merrill
This book was certainly written from the heart. I just finished reading it and it really opens your eyes as to how important it is to help others in this lifetime. Barbara and Dick have certainly accomplished God's Will. This book is somewhat like a diary and very well written. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who believes in miracles and in real love. Thank you, Barbara, for sharing these experiences with the world. You did a great job!

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  I felt love , 07/14/2007
Reviewer: Ginni Giles
Thank you Barbara for writing your story that all of us can share. I laughed, shed tears, but best of all I felt so much love for the author and her Native American friends and acquaintances.

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