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Cloaked In Darkness

Bernard G. Lord (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-3755-4 ©2006
Price: $17.95
Book Size: 5.5'' x 8.5'' , 338 pages
Category/Subject: FICTION / Espionage

A group of French Resistance fighters, aided by the Royal Navy, suffer tragedy and success as they lead double lives under Nazi repression. Some die, some survive; all are heroes.

Brittany, France, 1941 - Annette Renard leads a double life; a teacher by day and a French Resistance fighter by night. Her group’s exploits include attacking Nazi freight trains, battling enemy patrols, and helping shot-down bomber crews escape to England. But Marcel, the group’s leader, has his sights set on something bigger - destroying a large munitions dump by tunneling under its defences. Unexpected parallel events cause navy lieutenant Jimmy Wainwright, a Motor Torpedo Boat captain, to become a participant in the attack. However, there may be a traitor in the group who could cause everyone’s death.

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Customer Reviews

  A Must Read! , 11/16/2007
Reviewer: Reader Views
While reading this book I felt that I was actually there taking part in the action. I could feel the cold while waiting for the train to derail and also the tension and fear in the air when Annette comes face to face with the enemy. This book is well-researched and the reader will feel that many of the events may well have actually happened during the war. The author developed characters that accurately represent some of the many people from all walks of life involved in World War II. Once I started reading "Cloaked in Darkness", I found it hard to put down. This well-written, tension-packed book will thrill readers of historical fiction, World War II or general espionage novels.

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  An Excellent Read , 01/06/2008
Reviewer: Joyce F.Wells
What did you like best about this book? Wonderful characterization. These are characters that I could believe existed at one time or another. I enjoyed the historical content of the book also. The scenes with the French underground and the British armed forces held my attention, and the characters therein were excellent. Your description also was good, of the surrounding countryside and the farmhouses, trucks, etc. I felt as though I entered your fictional dream and that these characters were friends of mine. Annette was a wonderful heroine, as were her French comrades, Marcel, Erwan, Jean, Maurice, etc. The naval scenes also were filled with wonderful characters. Altogether an excellent read.

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