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Guardians of the Gift: Your Guide to Spiritual Parenting

Janice M. Stamm (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-3689-2 ©2007
Price: $15.95
Book Size: 5.5'' x 8.5'' , 206 pages
Category/Subject: FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS / Parenting

Guardians of the Gift: Your Guide to Spiritual Parenting is a self-help workbook that provides parents and other caregivers with a new spiritually enlightened approach to improve relationships with their children.

Guardians of the Gift; Your Guide to Spiritual Parenting offers an opportunity to get excited about one of life’s greatest vocations- parenting. This self-help workbook provides parents with a new, spiritually enlightened approach to enhance their parenting skills. The guide is designed to help prospective parents, those already on the job, grandparents and other people who share in a child’s life get in touch with ways to connect with the spirit of your child. Incorporating this parenting approach can help parents improve relationships with your children, no matter what age they are.

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Customer Reviews

  Warms the Heart , 05/16/2007
Reviewer: Ruth Levy, Ph.D.
Every now and then, a book is written that enriches the mind and warms the heart. Ms Stamm puts into words the knowledge we all wish we had when becoming mothers, so that we would have gotten it 'right'. Chapter One is the foundation and all the parts that follow read like a road map...coaxing us to make stops and to encode our thoughts and our memories. This book should be read to new mothers who are giving birth and given to each mother going home with a newborn. How comforting it would be to the baby to know that the caretaker knows how to behave. Ms Stamm's book is a treasure...put it in to a gift at a baby shower. It is a book that tells you how to be the guardian of your gift, the baby. Hopefully my review will give you some insight as to what quality a great book is all about, If you're looking for a good read, then Guardians of the gift, by Janice Stamm is it. In my opinion, this book would be an excellent read for expecting parents and parents who already have youngsters.

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  Thank You , 06/21/2007
Reviewer: Donald O’Dell
Your book forced me to think, once again of all the little things that are in reality, very big things. The examples are straightforward and clear. The book is so easy to read, I forgot how profound your message was: the goal of parenting is helping your children be who they are, rather than teaching them otherwise. I will send copies to my children, who just had children. Thank you for this.

* Donald O’Dell: Author of: How The Bible Became the Bible, St. Augustine FL

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  Greenhouse of the Human Spirit , 06/21/2007
Reviewer: Rabbi Mark N. Goldman
The book is essentially a manual and guide that is useful as a “consciousness-raising tool for parents. I found the book to be appealing to the broad spectrum of humanity from the “precocious” teenage parent to the “goal - oriented career-fulfilling” couple. The book’s charm evolves from its attractive, conversational style and emphasizes that the home ought to be a “mini sanctuary.” A greenhouse of the human spirit.

*Rabbi Mark N. Goldman: Temple Bet Yam, St. Augustine, Fl. Rabbi Emeritus of Rockdale Temple/K.K. Bene Israel, Cincinnati, Ohio

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  Fantastic! , 06/21/2007
Reviewer: Dr. Lisa Freudenberber, PHD
I think its fantastic! Truly uplifting and encouraging. Brings to everyone’s awareness and mindfulness the serious nature of parenting. The book conveys spirituality, trying until you succeed and the precious nature of a child’s soul.

*Dr. Lisa Freudenberber, PHD: New York, N.Y.

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  Unique Approach , 06/21/2007
Reviewer: David P. Lafayette
The book answers many of the important issues surrounding parenting and does it in an easy, useful way. There is no baloney in this book and it packs a wallop! Mrs. Stamm explains her points step by step. This unique approach can help the new parent build a valuable record to look back on. Good parenting helps a child discover who he or she is. I think Mrs. Stamm has a real winner in her new book.

*David P. Lafayette: Author of: Peril in the West: Cole’s Challenge, St. Augustine, FL

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  Effective Parenting , 06/21/2007
Reviewer: Marc Williar
If we effectively parent and this helps our children effectively parent our grandchildren and so on, we have become true “Guardians of the Gift” and successful parenting begets successful parenting. Why choose self-defeating behaviors when we can choose positive, affirming ones and instill them in our children? For the parent/person who would like to live a more fulfilling life, the concepts of this book can lead to daily positive, affirming choices.

*Marc Williar: Parent/College Administrator, St. Augustine, FL

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