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Adoption: A Father's Journey of Faith

David Finz (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-3280-3 ©2006
Price: $11.95
Book Size: 5.5'' x 8.5'' , 130 pages
Category/Subject: FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS / Adoption

The true story of how one couple’s quest to bring children into their lives led them not only to faraway places, but also to the foot of the Cross.

Adoption: A Father’s Journey of Faith is the true story of how one couple’s quest to bring children into their lives led them not only to faraway places, but also to the foot of the Cross. On his 32nd birthday, author David Finz, a recent convert to Christianity, learned that he and his wife Carol faced serious fertility issues. The challenges that followed grew the young Believer spiritually, brought him closer to his wife, and prepared him for parenthood. David’s testimony will resonate not only with adoptive parents, but with anyone searching for God’s direction in their lives. Proceeds from the sale of this book will benefit Christian World Foundation’s ongoing humanitarian relief efforts in overseas orphanages. For more information, visit .

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Customer Reviews

  Touching Story - Couldn't Put Down , 06/17/2006
Reviewer: Jamie
Dave, You and I were very close friends throughout our late teens and 20's - more like an extended family. We lived through many of the experiences you describe early in the book. With both our lives becoming more complicated in our 30's, I regret how we grew apart. The moment you introduced me to Carol was the instant I knew all his hopes and dreams you sacricificed for and worked so hard to attain were finaly coming true. I had no idea of the inner turmoil and feelings you experienced during the adoption process. Thank you, David, for writing this book for all of us, and in particular for allowing me to catch up on the last ten years of your life. I was deeply touched by your words and I feel like "family" again. While reading the book, it was almost like being there during the entire process. Sitting on the couch in your Mom and Dad's house as you bravely told them about your decision to convert, by your side as you got the disappointing news about infertility, standing on your shoulder as you completed the dossier, and lending a sympathetic ear as you explained the pain and frustration of the waiting process. Having seen Julia and Rachel shortly after you brought them home and again a few weeks ago (4 1/2 years later), the differences are remarkable! You are an incredible family and you and Carol have clearly found happiness and joy in your lives. May your wishes always continue to come true!

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  Amazing Story , 05/08/2008
Reviewer: Alana Emmet
As David's sister I was there for most of this process but I had no idea of the turmoil he was really in. I remember the day when he was 12 and I took him to my friend Pam's house and he met her adopted Korean daughter. We left there and he said to me "I want to adopt someday" I thought "how odd for a 12 year old boy to be so moved by this Korean baby that he would say that". When David and Carol had fertility problems I thought to myself "If this had to happen to someone, it is fitting that it would happen to my brother who always wanted to adopt." I look at my neices now and I say "what a wonderful thing Carol and David did - taking these 2 orphans and giving them a home and family. My brother is very very special and his story and feelings are amazing. Our parents were very proud of him. They raised us to be independent and to follow our hearts and that is what David has done.

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