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Sex, Lies and Cosmetic Surgery: Things You'll Never Learn From Your Plastic Surgeon

Lois W. Stern (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-3220-X ©2013
Price: $19.95
Book Size: 5.5'' x 8.5'' , 299 pages
Category/Subject: MEDICAL / Surgery / Plastic & Cosmetic

Sex, Lies and Cosmetic Surgery blends refreshingly candid stories from over 100 women with cutting edge research to deliver powerful, provocative insights into the ways cosmetic surgery impacts women’s lives.

This newly revised edition of Sex, Lies and Cosmetic Surgery includes an interactive CD with a user-friendly index, 14 printable checklists, self-evaluation forms, key questions to ask your surgeon (and yourself), helpful guidelines and strategies, and more. As a bonus, an exclusive Meet the Author video with some rare glimpse of Lois Stern sharing details of her daily life as an author. (Further information including CD screen shot images posted at Newly revised from the 2006 edition.

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Customer Reviews

  Educational, Informative, and Thought Provoking , 08/16/2007
Reviewer: Barbara
Barbara Watkins, a Writer/Author from MO, 08/15/2007 Educational, Informative, and Thought Provoking! Lois Stern is one talented Lady! I read her book in just a matter of a few hours...couldn't put it down! Every person contemplating cosmetic surgery of any kind should read her book first. She gave an indepth and personal account of her own experience, as well as amazing accounts of several professionally researched interviews with others. She added warmth and humor making it lovely to read. The footnotes are loaded with information in finding a reputable cosmetic surgeon. Keep an eye on this writer...(I know I will)

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  The bible of cosmetic surgery , 08/27/2007
Reviewer: Carol M Welsh
When I met Lois Stern at an authors' conference, I thought her book was a warning about the dangers of cosmetic surgery. The subtitle to her book: Things You'll Never Learn From Your Plastic Surgeon fueled my misperception. That changed into curiosity when Lois told me she had cosmetic surgery and that it changed her life in many positive ways. She looked beautiful and so natural. Where was that plastic look I always heard about? I had to learn more so bought her book. I have been blessed with always looking 10-15 years younger than my age. Therefore getting a face lift is not a consideration for me. This book however caused a complete attitude shift for me regarding cosmetic surgery. I just wish that it was financially in reach for more people whose lives would be transformed with it but can't afford it. I have often thought that if a particular person could just get a "nose job," how it would make her drop-dead gorgeous or him more handsome. My opinion is that if you long for what cosmetic surgery can do for you and can afford it then thoroughly reading and also researching the listed resources in this book is a must. I was impressed that Lois also included the importance of taking care of your skin. People keep telling me I have no wrinkles (my mirror disagrees). Part of that is genetics but I also have used quality skincare products. This book is the bible for cosmetic surgery: honest, caring, and filled with useful information. Lois's personal story and photos and the stories of others makes this an easy read rather than being a clinical textbook-type read. If you're contemplating cosmetic surgery, please read this book first. You will be glad you did.

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  Frank, Honest and Encouraging , 07/29/2007
Reviewer: Marilyn Flaum
If I were contemplating plastic surgery, I would want to have this wonderful resource book before starting the entire procedure. Lois Stern gives a comprehensive guide to evaluating your emotional reasons, choosing a surgeon, dealing with feelings after the change in your looks, and remaining realistic in your expectations. Her daily journal,included in the book, of the development of her own experience is frank, honest, and encouraging to others. She does not downplay the discomfort, but shares her joy after the first few days in the differences she views when she dares to look in the mirror ! The footnotes at the end of each chapter provide further references which may prove valuable. Stern also guides you through meetings with your surgeon, preparation prior to surgery, and evaluating the results. Throughout the book, you feel her warmth and humanity. It is evident that she is passionate about the subject and immensely pleased with the outcome in many ways ! Don't be afraid to read the book if you can't imagine plastic surgery for yourself. It is a very interesting way to find out what it is all about. Who know, you might be tempted ! Marilyn Flaum, retired educator Resident of Becket, MA. and Boca Point, FLA.

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  Thoughtful, Insightful , Yet Charming , 07/29/2007
Reviewer: Judith Shapiro
Every Woman Considering Cosmetic Surgery Should Definitely Read This Book. This is the best book EVER on women and Cosmetic Surgery, and I have read many! It is both refreshing and amazingly honest. I was blown away by Chapter 5 (Utter Humiliation) where Stern explores her feelings of sexual attraction toward her plastic surgeon. I wasn’t surprised that this event occurs, but I must applaud this author’s willingness to explore her experience with such candor. As a whole, this book is thoughtful and insightful, yet written in such a readable, charming manner. You can read Sex, Lies and Cosmetic Surgery on many levels. The quality of its research is impressive, as is obvious from the resources noted in her footnotes. But Stern’s research simply serves as a backdrop to the wonderful anecdotes and personal stories she shares, taken from both her personal journal and the many candid interviews she has conducted with other women. Finally, do not overlook the checklists, quizzes and self-assessment tools at the back of the book. They provide accurate, practical guidance for any woman considering cosmetic surgery. I work along side a highly regarded plastic surgeon and have been recommending this book to his patients. They come back and thank me. Judith Shapiro, Nurse Practictioner

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