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Americans and Their Idols: The Return of Soul, Style, Country, Pop, Poetry to the Hip-Hop Generation

Paul Alfred Barton (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-2785-0 ©2006
Price: $20.95
Book Size: 5.5'' x 8.5'' , 161 pages
Category/Subject: MUSIC / General

So many singers, so few winners, Americans’ Idols give their all for the love of singing, the hate of loosing, the joy of winning. Music and song are the healing forces of the world.

This fantastic and fulfilling work is an interpretation and commentary on the American Idol show, done in a humorous and philosophical manner. It quotes the show but adds many of the commentaries that many would have liked to make about the show and its participants, judges and their radiance, glamour, performances, hilarious and shocking behaviors.

This multi-event book (the literary version of the ‘mixed-tape’) also includes the moderator and his panel, their comments and feelings. The book begins a brief history of American music and ends with the moderator’s observation about Michael Jackson’s music.

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Customer Reviews

Reviewer: Nubianem Susunomi
Michael Jackson was the foremost spreader of African-Americans abiility to soothe the world in times of crisis, worry and conflict. The music that Michael Jackson created and spread globally comes from a long and glorious legacy that comes from the African 'SOUL' or spirit and is embedded both in the religions of West Africa (Niger-Congo) and that of ancient Egypt and Cush. This great book, 'Americans and Their Idols,' takes a strong and 'hands--on' look at the way that African-American music began and how it was spread globally with the contributions of artists like Michael Jackson, Herbie Hanc0ck, Billie Holliday, Duke Ellington, and many who began in the mid to late 1800's. The history of American music is one of the most exciting histories on earth. While many histories are based on conquest and war and occupation, African-Americans have used culture, music and great talented people to 'go global,' and to influence positively by creating positive culture throug music, art, inventions, sports, cooking, architecture, politics and other ways. That is not to say that war and rebellion has not been part of the experiences of African-Americans and AFRICANS OF THE AMERICAS - it has to a great extent. In many cases they were quite successful and led to independent states like Haiti, the Quilimbos of Brazil, various communities in places like California (The Black California Wars), and the independent African regions of Mexico (before they Afro-Mexicans became mixed through trickery and lost their appearance and rediced to today's 1,000,000 Mexicans out of a population of 90 million people in Mexico). AFRICAN-AMERICAN MUSIC FROM THE MILITARY SONGS OF FORMER AFRICAN WARRIORS TURNED TO SLAVES, TO SPIRITUALS, BARBERSHOP, BLUES, JAZZ, SOUL, REGGAE, CALYPSO, FUNK, HIP-HOP AND OTHERS. This book, 'Americans and Their Idols,' is a wonderful addition to the total history of Black music. It is presented in a compact and strong form, where every type of music invented by Africans in the Americas is discussed, whether it is spirituals, barbershop, blues, soul, funk and hip-hop in the US, or Marrengue in the Dominican Republic, Reggae in Jamaica or Zouk in French-Speaking Martinique. This history of African-American music and its global spread to become one of the greatest contributions of African-Americans and Americans to the global community is one that is thoroughly discussed in this work. The book discusses the American Idol show and the feelings, joys and excitement of contestants as well as those who observed it. The work helps any upcoming singer, musician or entertainer study and learn some important points that are needed to be successful as performers. "Americans and Their Idols," also includes fantastic poetry from one of the greatest 'RAP/HIP-HOP CATALOUGES ("Rap, Rhyme and Rhythm: Rapsody in Hip-Hop, Rhythm and Rhyme," at The book concludes with the Michael Jackson issue and the greatness of his contributions to modern African-American, modern American and global music culture, music and entertainment.

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