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100 Questions to Ask Your Software Organization

Mark I. Himelstein (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-2739-7 ©2005
Price: $29.95
Book Size: 8" x 8" , 155 pages
Category/Subject: COMPUTERS / Programming / Software Development

Mark Himelstein’s years of experience help you figure out what questions to ask your team and he provides common sense answers and guidance to help you and your team succeed!

Most software developers, managers, executives, and investors do not even know what questions to ask their software organizations that will help them determine whether their teams will succeed. This book asks those questions and provides practical answers and guidance to those questions. Just as in painting a house, there is a lot of preparation required to create an effective organization that can produce quality products on time and meet customer needs. In 100 Questions to Ask Your Software Organization, Mark Himelstein addresses organizational, financial, project, and human aspects of software management and will help prepare you and your team for success! (

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