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The Radio Funny Book

Bob Doll (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-2720-6 ©2005
Price: $13.95
Book Size: 5.5'' x 8.5'' , 163 pages
Category/Subject: HUMOR / Topic / Adult

“The Radio Funny Book” is not only 156 pages of radio humor off and on the air, it has its warm moments.

“The Radio Funny Book” is not only 156 pages of radio humor off and on the air, it has its warm moments. There are stories of overcoming adversity. There are great people who confess to making mistakes and winning in the long run by not taking themselves too seriously. There are some bits of history not widespread in other works. This book has been written for the enjoyment of those in the business and folks who are more important than them - the listeners and advertisers who pay attention to what radio folks say and what they play. Have fun!

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Customer Reviews

  Same Literary Values As Famous Works , 03/06/2006
Reviewer: Jerry Howell
"Radio Funny Book" exhibits many of the same literary values as famous work like "Animal Farm" and "Red Badge Of Courage." It's funny and a good read.

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  Has Many Values of Famous Books , 03/06/2006
Reviewer: Jweey Hoqwll
"Radio Funny Book" exhibits many of the literary values of famous books like "Animal Farm" and "Red Badge of Courage." It's funny. It's a good read.

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  Enlightening and entertaining , 01/15/2006
Reviewer: John S. Harris
The Radio Funny Book by Bob Doll A review by John Harris, retired reporter, The National Enquirer The Radio Funny Book offers a fast-paced read with plenty of humor. And along the way, it also imparts interesting insights into the behind-the-scenes operation of radio and the people who make it happen. Bob Doll brings more than a half-century’s experience in every facet of radio, starting as a junior announcer, and progressing through manager, and station-owner positions on his way to becoming an author and radio consultant in retirement. Bob has a love of people and a sympathetic ear attuned to human foibles. His book brings out the best of both. And as one who is interested in, but has never worked in radio, I found it instructive as well as humorous. For example, I had no idea how a station is assigned its call letters. I learned in Bob’s book. It’s not only an entertaining read but an enlightening one as well.

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  Great Stories About Radio , 02/04/2006
Reviewer: Tom Taylor
"The Radio Funny Book" tells great stories about radio and they're all true. Bob Doll has produced the book that most radio people have sworn to write (usually after a couple of drinks with co-workers.) This is a tome that carries decades of funny true stories and bloopers. And they're all (swears Doll) 100% true. They range from the host who had a big contest winner (Live on the air in Lexington. KY). "I could kill you. You've ruined my program. I didn't want a winner 'til Christmas." There's the story of how long time owner Dean Sorenson started in radio at KORN, Mitchell, SD, getting rid of mice in the studio. There's also an antedote about why it's a very bad idea to drop nerf balls on a convenience store parking lot on awindy day. The book is helpfully indexed.

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  I Laughed Out Loud , 02/19/2006
Reviewer: Bill Hennes, Presidentm All About Country
I read it from "Cover to Cover." I laughed out loud. This is a great book of very funny stories.

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  Bob Doll is Droll , 02/23/2006
Reviewer: Paul McLane (Radio World nespaper)
The former announcer, group head, and station owner offers a pleasant read about radio on the lighter side. Readers will get a chuckle from chapters like "What Do Those (Call) Letters Mean," "Radio Announcer Test," "Man on the Street Flashbacks."

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