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Book Marketing from A to Z

Francine Silverman (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-2431-2 ©2005
Price: $18.95
Book Size: 5.5'' x 8.5'' , 402 pages
Category/Subject: BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Marketing / General

More than 300 authors share the peaks and pitfalls in promoting their books. Every genre is represented in an easy to navigate A-Z format.

Book Marketing from A to Z presents personal promotions from hundreds of authors throughout the English-speaking world, whose titles range from one to 100 in all genres. The problems of authors are universal. Be their publisher Random House or AuthorHouse, authors soon discover that book promotion is their responsibility. Arranged alphabetically into 35-40 promotional efforts, Book Marketing from A-Z is easy to navigate. Readers will also relate to the writers’ pleasures and pitfalls, presented with honesty and humor. The book is certain to appeal to both novice and veteran authors, editors, publicists, publishers, ghostwriters and book coaches.

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Customer Reviews

  'Book Marketing from A-Z' lives up to its title , 04/18/2005
Reviewer: Michael Meanwell
'Book Marketing from A-Z' lives up to its title by Michael Meanwell So, you've written a book, have you? You've worked hard, honing those words, then you've worked even harder to convince an agent to handle your work and then finally a publisher decides to print it. Ahh, now you can take it easy . . . Just sit back, do the occasional book signing, the odd press interview and think about ways of reducing the tax you'll be paying on all of those royalties. Right? Wrong. For most published authors, now comes the hard part - making your book a success. Yes, we all thought book marketing was the domain of the publisher - and it is if your surname happens to be King, Clancy or Crichton. Not so if you are a newcomer or even a seasoned, mid-list author. Sadly, for many authors, the difference between success and failure directly correlates to the personal effort invested in promoting and marketing their own book. Thankfully, Francine Silverman has come to our rescue with 'Book Marketing from A-Z' which, as the subtitle says, features more than 300 authors sharing the peaks and pitfalls in promoting their books. Silverman, who previously published two travel books, wanted to make life easier for those writers who followed. In 2003 she developed a bi-weekly ezine for authors, 'Book Promotion Newsletter' ( Her new book is essentially a distillation of her ezine - a compilation of insights and advice from the publishing trenches, offered by authors from a variety of genres. 'Book Marketing from A-Z' is extremely readable, presenting fresh ideas and success strategies in quick snippets that are easily digested. The book lives up to its title, starting with A for Advertising (pros and cons) and finishing with Z for Zero Promotion (when the book sells itself). Along the way, you'll find a wide range of topics covered, including personal experiences and advice on contests and competitions, signings, giveaways and gimmicks, ebooks, branding, speaking, promotion, the media, the Internet, and various author services, such as editing, ghost writing and book coaching. Some authors you'll know, most you won't, but Silverman includes a brief bio and background info relating to the author's own experiences. In addition to providing hard-won advice, some of the contributors offer bonus material. Judith Colombo, for example, offers a list of email addresses for websites and magazines which publish book reviews. The author spent considerable time trawling the Internet to compile the list and offers it freely to readers who email her. It's little extras like that which make this book not only invaluable but unique. The Bottom Line You can read 'Book Marketing from A to Z', cover to cover or use it as a reference guide. Either way, you will look at book marketing from a totally new perspective and come away with many new and interesting ways to make your book stand out on the shelves.

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  Yikes! I’m finished my book! Now what? , 07/08/2005
Reviewer: Lea Schizas
Book promotion and marketing are two very important elements for the survival of any writer’s book. A lot of time and work is needed to set up a promotional package and a marketing plan. Although Francine Silverman’s Book Marketing from A-Z does not go into depth in each outlined promotion, the ideas and resources offered from more than 300 authors contained within definitely do inspire and help. These authors provide links, tips on what NOT to do, some even go into great detail to explain exactly what they did to get their books up front and personal. Francine’s book structure in alphabetical format offers you easy access to pinpoint the precise promotional leg you want to work with at any given time. Some of the areas covered are: *Book Signings *Book Reviews *Contest and Competitions *Ghost Writing *Pitching the Media *Press Kits *Speaking Engagements* and so much more. The 300 plus authors write in various genres and, regardless how they were published, offer you viable methods to learn and incorporate for your own books. Whether you are a new or seasoned writer, Book Marketing from A-Z contains important tried and true recipes to help you in your long and continuous promotional journey. This 400-page reference guide is a valuable addition to any writer’s library. Book Marketing from A-Z is a must ‘cover to cover’ read for any writer who is serious and determined to get their book and work out there to the public. Francine Silverman's Book Marketing From A-Z is now placed alongside Carolyn HowardJohnson's The Frugal Book Promoter book on my bookshelf as two references I will constantly use for my own promotional efforts.

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  The Satisfier , 07/06/2006
Reviewer: Katty Jackson
Ladies "The Satisfier is the most enticing book I had ever read. order it today from, The Author Nathaniel Daley put all he had in that book.

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  Best book I had ever read! , 07/27/2006
Reviewer: Winter Platt
This book was very good with character being vey much romatic, check out "The Satisfier" best book I had ever read.

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