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The Sojourner

Ian X. Byrne (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-2324-3 ©2004
Price: $13.95
Book Size: 5.5'' x 8.5'' , 170 pages
Category/Subject: FICTION / Fantasy / Historical

Many years ago in the land of the Iroquois a brave sets out on a quest for understanding. He meets strange and interesting people, has many adventures.

It is a time long before the white men came. A Mohawk brave travels to the other tribes of the Iroquois Nation, seeking understanding. Along the way he hears ancient legends, meets strange and interesting people. An evil tribe, the Yo’taksehne, mirror our own times. The Little People watch over Man as they seek their own redemption. The Nymphs of Risceal protect the Little People and bring divine messages to Man. It is revealed by them that a Mohawk maiden, named Kateri, will have a holy descendant who will be known as The Lily of the Mohawk.

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Customer Reviews

  Escaping into fantasy , 04/03/2005
Reviewer: James Gricci
From the very beginning I found that reading this book allowed me to enter into a land of fantasy, thus escaping every day modern life.

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  A better time and place , 04/03/2005
Reviewer: Jeanne Stone
This is a fantasy written for grown-ups who want to go back into a time where all was simple. Characters in the book developed before my eyes into grown-ups who followed the ways of their ancestors.

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  25 and older , 06/30/2005
Reviewer: John Cole
This book is like a Sunday comic but lasts longer. It allows one to escape into a fantasy world of Native American culture and myths. The Myths are well cited and the text is well written. The author gives a good description of himself on the back cover. If your over twenty five and well educated I'm sure you will enjoy this fantasy.

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  The Sojourner , 09/27/2005
Reviewer: Christopher Favaloro
I was very fascinated with the book and enjoyed ever minute reading it. I truly enjoyed reading about the Native Americans, their stories, and their adventures. A truly inspiring book for all.

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  Enjoying Nature and Ancient people , 09/27/2005
Reviewer: E. Parent
If you are a person who grew up with nature this book would interest you. Even though it is a fantasy it tells of the truth about nature and the ancient people and their relationship to the earth. A must read.

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  Into the mystic and Good , 12/06/2005
Reviewer: Roscoe C. Bowen
A fantastic conglomeration of Native America, Celtic and other myth assembled into a fantastic journey of personal growth, morality and faith

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