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Don't Get Ripped Off! Get Help! Tell it to George

Cynthia Bercowetz (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-2228-X ©2004
Price: $18.95
Book Size: 5.5'' x 8.5'' , 285 pages
Category/Subject: REFERENCE / Consumer Guides

Cynthia Bercowetz's book, Don't Get ripped Off! Get Help! Tell it to George, reveals how to avoid identity theft, scams, con artists, bogus contests, and paying outrageous prices for anything!

Don't Get ripped Off! Get Help! Tell it to George reveals how the "little guy" can outsmart the con artists. Author Cynthia Bercowetz went to Detroit to battle the auto manufacturers when hundreds of readers complained about paint peeling off their cars. Her investigation uncovered inferior undercoating, leading to some much-appreciated free paint jobs for consumers.

You are not alone in today's marketplace. Your can read this book or write to Cynthia Bercowetz for advice, so you don't get ripped off!
Smart consumers learn how to avoid:
identity theft
Internet and phone scams
con artists
bogus contests
disreputable contractors
paying outrageous prices for anything!

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Customer Reviews

  Dear George helps consumers , 10/15/2004
Reviewer: Mary M. Heslin
"Cynthia Bercowetz, Dear George, in this recent book has completed good advice advanced through solid information and education designed to help the consumer from "getting ripped off." With her vast experience over the years in the consumer protection field, Cynthia has written a book with clarity and authority that will serve as a valuable resource for many." Mary M. Heslin Former Commissioner of the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection 1975-1991

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  Dear George fights back , 10/15/2004
Reviewer: Dan Uitti
Cynthia's book hits every topic in consumerism. I remember reading her enlightening stories in the newspaper when I delivered the afternoon newspaper as a youngster. Over the years, she has received the support of Government and Business everywhere and helped shape a more honest society. But today, there are new thieves. This book will help you to become better aware of these problems. Identity Theft has become a major problem, costing Americans billions of dollars each year. Visit

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