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The Canary Chronicles: The Road to Maura

Anne Smith Burton (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-2156-9 ©2004
Price: $14.95
Book Size: 5.5'' x 8.5'' , 205 pages
Category/Subject: FICTION / Lesbian

This is a story that will make you believe that love can come even to those who aren’t looking for it. The best love story of this century.

After moving to New York to attend Columbia University, Kyle Sullivan’s life became a narcissist’s dream. She treated New York’s nightclubs, restaurants and theatres as her private playground and its beautiful men and women as her personal amusements.

She had a grudging appreciation of concepts like “being in love and forever”, but generally thought such things were for other people. It wasn’t that she didn’t believe she could fall in love, she just didn’t see why she should limit her options by committing to one person.

Then Kyle learned the redemptive qualities of love the hard way, by losing it.

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Customer Reviews

  Great Book , 10/19/2004
Reviewer: M. Hinton
Probably the most realistic portrayal of finding the way to love written for women in some years. Totally won't put it down until you finish.

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  Wonderful book , 10/20/2004
Reviewer: M. Brownmiller
You'll laugh and you'll cry with this book...but you won't be bored...where has this author been? A good read for a rainy day...

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  Amazing , 10/20/2004
Reviewer: T. Whitman
For a first time author, this book is amazing. I started it late in the evening and literally could not put it down. It has all the parts for a wonderful story and without insulting the reader. The humor is magnificant.

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  Read this Book! , 10/22/2004
Reviewer: Jay Short
It's fun! Buy it...tell your friends!

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  What fun! , 10/25/2004
Reviewer: Mary L. Brownmaster
If you are a fan of Melissa Etheridge, you are going to have a terrific time with this book...the author weaves Etheridge throughout the book. In addition, it is a good read.

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  wonderful , 10/31/2004
Reviewer: Bette Caulk
I wondered if I would find this book at all exciting. Can't believe how good it is. Absolutely fantastic book for a first time author.

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  Wonderful , 12/21/2006
Reviewer: Kay
Probably the best love story written this century...women in love and women torn apart...the ending is unusual...a good read

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