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Nancy Merical (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-1896-7 ©2004
Price: $14.95
Book Size: 5.5'' x 8.5'' , 226 pages
Category/Subject: FICTION / Religious

Nancy Merical’s religious fiction novel, set in the 1940’s, stirs emotions with unforgettable characters, traumatic scenes and highly satisfying resolutions

On a frigid February night in 1946, five-year-old Mary Creel, with her mother Lindy and two older siblings, welcomes her father home from the United States Navy. With the war’s end in September, 1945, Bud Creel narrowly escapes combat, but returns to his impoverished West Virginia farm to war with grief, guilt and alcoholism when his wife and two infant sons succumb to tuberculosis. Lindy’s favorite saying, “Someday our ship will come in,” shores Mary’s hope during Bud’s incapacitation. Institutionalized four years, Bud finally sails into safe port, returning first to God, then to his grateful family.

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Customer Reviews

  Captured reality , 06/28/2004
Reviewer: Rosie Summers
I thought the book was really good. The scenes came through in reality and I liked the country dialogue. It was well done and came across well. The scriptures and searching for God never sounded forced or preachy, but real and seeking. Nancy managed to make it a real part of their lives. Some of the inspirational books seem to manage to preach and never quite reach the reality that is needed to touch feelings. Nancy accomplished it as God would have it done, I believe. There were so many tragedies that I hope her next book is a little more upbeat.

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  Couldn't Put It Down , 06/27/2006
Reviewer: Eleanor McFadden
I read two of Nancy's books one right after the other, this one and A Child Shall Lead Them, also available on this website. They were both really good books! I couldn't put them down.

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  Wanted More! , 08/05/2007
Reviewer: White Sulphur Springs Retired Librarian
I loved this book! I felt like I knew everyone in it and it brought back so many memories of my own life. After reading this one, I had to buy all the rest of Nancy's books!

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