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Heartfulness: A Guide to Heart Health and Life Balance

Neil W. Treister, M.D. (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-1890-8 ©2004
Price: $15.95
Book Size: 5.5'' x 8.5'' , 231 pages
Category/Subject: MEDICAL / Healing

In Heartfulness, Dr. Neil Treister shows you how factors as diverse as diet and meditation, yoga and medication will help you

Heartfulness: A Guide to Heart Health and Life Balance explores how living according to the teachings and stirrings of your heart—that is, living heartfully—will make you healthier and happier. More and more research confirms that heart disease is dramatically affected by our lifestyle choices. Use the Life Balance Awareness to assess your opportunities for change. Then, follow the discussions of how the heart works in health and disease to learn how you can create a more “heartful” life through diet, exercise, stress management, complementary medicine and other approaches to health.

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Customer Reviews

  Excellent read, in plain english , 03/21/2004
Reviewer: Lor Peters
This is one of the best all around books on health that I've read. It's written in plain english that anyone can understand and really explains why a balance of exercise, diet, stress management and other factors really contribute to our overall health or conversely put us at risk for the #1 killer - heart disease. Dr. Treister also makes great recommendations for lifestyle changes that anyone can achieve to make a positive impact on your heart and life balance. You've got to read this one cover to cover!

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  To Heart... , 01/10/2011
Reviewer: Petr Tene
My wholehearted review 'To Heart...' is published online 01/6/11 ( 8 pages) I tried to email via emi but unsuccessfully. May you help me how to do it ? may be to mail it? At any rate, I would like to express my deep sense of gratitude for your CHEF -D'OEUVRE ! ( details in ' My Open Letter to N.W.Treister - the author of a real " OPUS GRANDISSIMUM & BELLISSIMUM ' Respectfully, Petr Tene

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