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The Northumberland Nightmare: When Justice Ignores Mental Illness

Paul L. Wegkamp, Jr. (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-1847-9 ©2004
Price: $18.95
Book Size: 5.5'' x 8.5'' , 289 pages
Category/Subject: TRUE CRIME / General

This outrageous but true story really happened to one family in Virginia just a few short years ago. A "must read" for all Americans!

On the morning of August 13, 2001, Chad Wegkamp, a former honor student, woke up and decided to rob the bank across the street from the Sheriff’s office. Severely mentally ill, he was desperate to secure the money for an operation that he felt he needed to return to normal. Shouting obscenities, he managed to rob the bank without a weapon and then eluded the Sheriff’s deputies on his way home. What would transpire next is a story that is beyond belief. It is the true story of people within a rural county criminal justice system, who were more than willing to discard an eighteen-year-old boy for the rest of his life.

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Customer Reviews

  Excellent , 02/18/2004
Reviewer: Lucinda Tonges
I purchased this book because mental illness runs in my family, and it has affected everyone-not just the ill person. I felt that this book was written by a very loving father who just wants to get his son some help. You can feel the pain that this father had to deal with not only finding out that his son is mentally ill, but how he participated in a crime that is against the fathers profession! Unfortunately the legal profession is not equipped to deal with mentally ill criminals. Whether this stems from ignorance or the lack of funds it happens, the author describes his frustation with this in a very straight forward manner. I appreciated the referrals in the back of the book for help with mental illness. I highly reccomend this book.

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  From the Heart , 03/29/2004
Reviewer: Austin Camacho
As a crime novelist I work hard to create realistic characters. Nothing I have done, and few books I have read, come this close to capturing the human reality of small crimes in small towns. This book comes straight from the heart, and the people you meet in it will move you far more than any tale of muder and mayhem. When you read it you will feel their anguish, their strength and their courage!

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