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The Case Against State Protection of Homeowner Associations

George K. Staropoli (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-1620-4 ©2003
Price: $15.95
Book Size: 5.5'' x 8.5'' , 167 pages
Category/Subject: LAW / Real Estate

The author, a veteran homeowner rights activist, makes his case against state government protection of homeowner associations. He documents, using his appearances before the Arizona Legislature, state legislative hostility toward upholding the civil liberties of homeowners with their broad, misguided interpretation of “private contract” prohibitions, and the use of statutes that favor the HOA; he provides numerous supporting materials from US Supreme Court, federal appellate and state court decisions; he provides research and publications by political scientists going back to 1992; and he even provides, in support of the advocates, the publications of the national trade organization that lobbies state legislatures against returning homeowner associations to the American system of government.

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Customer Reviews

  Read this book to protect yourself , 10/09/2003
Reviewer: Earl
With the government creeping to our lives in many ways/angles the last thing we needed is a new type of government taking away our rights of Home Ownership. For years Home Ownership was the ultinate American Dream, a dream that has turned into a NIGHTMARE for many in HOA's. HOA's, Home Owners Association, what a way to sneak into the lifes of so many by using the words "HOME OWNER"S Association" as if they really cared or wanted to protect the HOME OWNER. Another place the EGO can run wild and the Control Freaks can abuse others, ON THE BOARD OF A HOA. I'm going on and on when the only thing that really matters is that you READ THIS BOOK SO YOU CAN PROTECT YOURSELF, because the State will not.

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  Awakening America to its loss of freedoms , 10/09/2003
Reviewer: Beanie
George Staropoli asks: "Why are our state legislatures...(not) upholding and defending the Bill of Rights and Constitution?" He laments the media's not revealing the constitutional issues or the laws that favor HOA boards against the homeowners. Activist Staropoli's book documents his struggle to reclaim American homeowners' constitutional rights and to awaken America to its loss of freedom. Let's hope this call brings us back to an incisive and authoritative interpretation of the Constitution as the Federalist essays did in 1788.

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  Numerous court cases to support loss of rights , 10/09/2003
Reviewer: Lynn
This book was an eye-opener! I could not believe the number of court cases, including US Supreme Court cases, contained in this book that show support for homeowner rights. This came as a surprise because I have not read or seen anything about these issues of constitutional rights in the media. The author presents a strong case that the state legislatures and agencies are protecting private organizations, the homeowners associations, over the rights and freedoms we all believe are ours.

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