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Historical Christmas Cookery

Robert W. Pelton (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-1088-5 ©2002
Price: $15.95
Book Size: 5.5'' x 8.5'' , 215 pages
Category/Subject: COOKING / Regional & Ethnic / Italian

Historical Christmas Cookery is chock full of prized recipes for dishes eaten by some of the heroes of the Revolutionary War as well as those who wore both the blue and the gray during the War Between the States.

Historical Christmas Cookery is chock full of delightfully delicious ideas favored by many famous families of yesteryear. It contains the prized recipes for those Christmas dishes served and eaten by some of the heroes of the Revolutionary War. You will be able to fix and then eat the same things served to those great men who so bravely signed the Declaration of Independence. You will be able to enjoy sharing an identical Christmas meal with those who wore both the blue and the gray during the War Between the States, or as some unreconstructed Southerners still refer to it, the War of Northern Aggression.

Yes, every recipe found in this unique book was a popular favorite throughout the Christmas holidays in our nation’s long and colorful history. Many were coveted within a particular family and handed down from generation to generation. Others are historical gems, for they were the inventions of, or the favorites of, some notable family or individual from the past. Here they are being presented, for the first time, for America’s families of today to have the fun and experience the thrill of cooking and baking. And lastly, to thankfully pass a blessing over before eating – be it for breakfast, lunch or dinner – on Christmas Day.

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Customer Reviews

  Marvelous Book , 03/10/2004
Reviewer: Richard Bauman, author and chef
This book is wonderful! I have never found a cook book to be more interesting, or I might say exciting, to read and use for cooking and baking authentic Christmas recipes from notables of the Revolutionary and Civil Wars. I've never seen a book like this one. I use it to make edible holiday gifts for family and friends and I put a note with the bread or muffins, etc., letting them what family of the past used it.

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  Wonderful , 10/15/2004
Reviewer: Kathleen Lynn
I recommend that everyone purchase a this marvelous cookbook and give one to every friend and relative for a Christmas gift. It is something that everyone would love to have. I have used mine so many times to perepare a tasty historical dish or dinner using recipes I otherwise would never had ever known existed. Thank you to the author for a job well done.

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  Top Notch Gift Item , 09/28/2005
Reviewer: Power Hour
Survivalist expert ROBERT PELTON turned his focus to creating the most unique Historical Cookbook Series! An unprecedented collection of documented data of Christian principles, political philosophy, daily lifestyles and exact menus of prominent historical figures throughout Early American History- - - all woven together in a fascinating, factual collection! The Historical COOKBOOKS are available at 1-877-817-9829 or

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