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A Creative Odyssey

Richard Rotelli (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-1011-7 ©2002
Price: $19.95
Book Size: 5.5'' x 8.5'' , 406 pages
Category/Subject: BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY / General

Floyd is paralyzed with the use of only his right arm, but becomes a well-known artist. In 1949 Richie, a self-taught inventor, gives him back his mobility.

In 1909 the life of Floyd Walser was forever changed. As a 21 year-old cowboy, he suffered devastating injuries when he was thrown from his horse. While recovering from that crippling accident, polio robbed him of the use of his legs, left arm and hand.
With incredible courage and determination he overcame his handicap and became a superbly talented artist.
In his later years, his life was again altered, this time much for the better, when Richie entered his world. Floyd’s mobility and level of independence reached new heights when Richie designed and built a special motorized wheelchair for him.

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Customer Reviews

  Courage and Caring , 03/10/2004
Reviewer: joe scole
Does one's inspiration and motivation for living a meaningful and gratifying life get any better than this? A Creative Odyssey is a real story about how two very special individuals, Richie and Floyd, met despite distances and backgrounds far apart, resulting in a captivating combination of courage and caring. It is a story that had to be told. Author Dick Rotelli had a huge advantage in relating the human bonding aspect while interweaving much of the history of the times and locale of Framingham, Massachusetts. Richie was the author’s dad. Floyd Walser, stricken as a young man with polio, refused to allow his adversity to become an obstacle in experiencing a rewarding and productive life as an accomplished artist. Richie, a neighbor and mechanical wizard, one of Floyd’s closest supporters, provided not just a spirit of hope and friendship, but took his mechanical ingenuity to the next level in building several apparatuses that would miraculously facilitate Floyd’s mobility- including a fishing boat in which Floyd spent many enjoyable days on a nearby pond. An interesting assortment of historical photographs sprinkled throughout the book capture the colorful flavor of the times and the closeness of an immigrant Italian family, while much of Floyd’s remarkable artwork demonstrates his true genius. Dick Rotelli has a down-to-earth style of writing that effortlessly conveys the intended message of his story; a message of courage, human kindness, generosity, caring and of course, family pride. This is a must read for anyone who needs a little inspiration now and then.

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  Screenplay ingredients. , 01/05/2005
Reviewer: Frank Porter
"A Creative Odyssey" relates a true story about real people, especially Floyd Walser and Richie Rotelli, and it is an outstanding testament to their human spirits. While I had the pleasure of working with Richard Rotelli for many years at Raytheon Company I was unaware of this background in his family history. Upon his retirement, family and friends convinced Richard to write this story about Floyd and his father, also named Richard. They thought it was that important to do and Richard (thankful for us who read it) under took the task. It was certainly a labor of love and Richard is still collecting data for future editions. This is an amazing story and Richard has presented a truly splendid accounting. Take the time to read it; it is well worth the effort. I also think it has all the ingredients for a splendid screenplay. Frank K. Porter Jr.

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  a creative odyssey , 04/16/2012
Reviewer: joan zack
I love this book. A friend loaned it to me and so much of Floyd's story was like my own father's in the 1940's. My Dad was also afflicted with polio and was also an artist and commercial artist. Very self sufficient, help raise 3 kids with the help of Grandparents. Hope you meant best rating be number 5.

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