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Stop Smoking and Chewing Tobacco for Life Changes

David L. and Carole A. Johnson (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-0481-8 ©2000
Price: $19.95
Book Size: 8.5" x 11" , 206 pages

Finally, a skills-based, innovative, tobacco-cessation and preventive maintenance workbook and tape program packed with powerful techniques, activities, and effective options for change! Learn to use affirmations, aversion, behavior mod, creativity, humor, hypnosis, relaxation, scripts, resources and more. Whether you use meds, nicotine-replacement, a formal program, a group, computer, or go it alone, LIFE CHANGES complements YOUR PLAN with the SKILLS for QUITTING ALL TOBACCO for LIFE!

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Customer Reviews

  The Best Quit-Tobacco P:rogram , 11/21/2003
Reviewer: Granville Angell
Stop Smoking and Chewing Tobacco for LIFE CHANGES, by David L. Johnson, Ph.D., and Carole A. Johnson, ID, is the definitive, self-help manual for those who want to recover from tobacco addiction. Written with candor and wit, the workbook takes the smoker (chewer or dipper) wherever they are in the process of quitting and walks them through a comprehensive, progressive set of cognitive-behavioral activities that help you quit tobacco and acquire skills for life without tobacco. The 206-page, professional-quality, LIFE CHANGES workbook starts with an orientation to the self-instructional approach, a problem-solving model, and how to prepare yourself for a planned Quit Day. Every aspect of your lifestyle that triggers tobacco use is explored. LIFE CHANGES provides innovative self-assessments and planning sheets that facilitate targeting tobacco in order to practice quit-tobacco scenarios, techniques, strategies, and real-life applications. The comprehensiveness of this self-directed approach flows from the freedom and personal responsibility built in for understanding, exploring, and using strategically-placed cognitive-behavioral options more effectively in your daily life without tobacco. Once understanding, confidence, and a sense of competence have been established you move into powerful, core techniques and strategies like aversive imagery, hypnosis, affirmations, stimulus control, and suggestions to diminish any interests in tobacco and to strengthen self-control and situational behavior. Reading the core exercises-without taping or using them-was enough to disgust this reviewer against using tobacco products for life! However, you should tailor the exercises to your daily routines and activities, and follow the scripting suggestions and cautions provided. The design of the workbook-including content and strategies-provides an advanced, empathetic, and effective understanding of unconscious learning, and how we positively influence ourselves with imaginative, nonjudgmental, right-brain processes when changing habits and selecting lifestyle activities. Unlike simplistic, quick-fix approaches, LIFE CHANGES provides you an opportunity to develop a healthier lifestyle. A responsible lifestyle that leaves few openings for slips, relapses, and self-perceived failures, but offers ways to bounce back quickly if and when you 'slip.' This multi-faceted, personalized approach to quit-tobacco planning, learning, and goal attainment puts you in the director's chair with all the options, rewards, and health benefits to claim for yourself. This dynamic, self-instructional approach uses over 120 techniques and powerful, original content. I recommend it highly to any one including my daughter who wants to quit tobacco, is in the process of quitting, or just thinking about quitting. I cannot suggest a more economical and powerful approach to effectively stop nicotine addiction and prevent relapses for life. Still think you need help and have no resources available, email Dr. Johnson at for free online consultation. Take the opportunity to learn how to self-regulate, manage stress, reach priority goals, and perform competently in the process. Adding humor, creativity, and behavioral skills into your life will save lives. Living without tobacco will enrich relationships and make healthier life changes a reality. LIFE CHANGES impressed me as the most multi-faceted, adaptable, and effective self-help, quit-tobacco program on the market today! Granville Angell, LPC, NCC Addictions Counselor

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  Quit Tobacco With LIFE CHANGES , 11/21/2003
Reviewer: Billie Williams
LIFE CHANGES is more than a healthy read. It is a series of activities that take you step-by-step through some very positive lifestyle changes that will help you quit tobacco products and cope with other life challenges you may face. The authors help you identify problem situations where you might use tobacco. They encourage you to develop specific plans for each situation and that you visualize yourself dealing positively with your emotions, thinking, and behavior in each problem situation. By mentally rehearsing the specifics of your plan, success is more likely. The authors suggest that you reward yourself often and when you do well, and modify your plans when necessary to strengthen quit-tobacco and self-management behavior. The Johnson’s have designed an interactive read and unique proactive program that addresses key principles needed to plan for and promote daily assertive behavior (e.g. Confidence, Competence, Commitment, Creativity). What they call “4-C-ing the future.” LIFE CHANGES is packed with techniques and neat strategies combined with effective quit-tobacco, skill-based exercises, scripts, reinforcement options and personalized resources for life-long learning activities. Dr Johnson inspires and reinforces the book's themes with his poetry and selected quotes. Stress relief through laughing, refocusing, relaxation, affirmation, and creative activities are encouraged as a respite and release of pent-up energies previously dominated by tobacco use. The Johnsons use hypnosis and define it primarily as occurring when one relaxes, focuses attention, and engages in imaginative mental activity. They walk the reader through guided imagery that helps focus attention on positive healthy images and anti-tobacco messages. These imaginative and creative exercises involve exercises with word associations, squiggles and shapes you turn into “stuff”, laughable headlines, and humorous one-liners. The Resources section of the workbook is a veritable tome of places to further your learning. There are worksheets for you to develop a preventive maintenance program and activities to follow, if and when you 'slip.' I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a way to end their tobacco habit for life, and/or for those who may have life issues needing more effective self-management, stress reduction, and reduced self-defeating behavior. Your life can change withour tobacco! Billie/Ex-smoker

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  Quit Tobacco With or Without Patches , 11/21/2003
Reviewer: Jim Blaine
I would like to congratulate you for considering LIFE CHANGES because you have made a significant first step toward stopping tobacco use. Of course, a proactive home, work, and social environment can facilitate quitting and discourage smoking. But, many smokers and tobacco chewers look for medicines that work fast so they try the gum, patch or drug (e.g., Zyban aka Wellbutrin or Buproprion). What many don't realize is that the essential ingredient in any effective formula is their own determination to learn how to succeed at quitting by changing thinking and behavior for life. The "responsible side" of the brain must convince the "pleasure-seeking" brain that quitting tobacco is the more realistic and achievable way to go... Stopping tobacco use has a little bit to do with common sense and intelligence, but a lot to do with persistence and new learning experiences. Consequently, it has everything to do with packing your brain with strong, personal reasons to quit and effective, cognitive-behavioral techniques that can help you accomplish your goals for life. Each person has to decide which reasons apply personally and select the learning experiences and suggestons that work for them. LIFE CHANGES is packed full of reasons to quit and daily exercises to help you take control of your life back from tobacco. It helps expose tobacco not as a 'friend' that settles you down and keeps weight off, but an 'enemy' that robs you of more than a decade of what could be golden years. I like this book and whole-heartedly recommend it to my patients. Congratulations to David and Carole Johnson! Through their book they will save and touch more lives than they will ever know. This book helps develop life skills that, when achieved, will be far more powerful forces in combatting tobacco addiction than any patch or gum could ever possibly do. James Blaine M.D. Past President, Greene County Medical Society Springfield, MO

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  Wish I had this earlier , 02/14/2005
Reviewer: Edward Smith
LIFE CHANGES by David L. Johnson, Ph.D. & Carole A. Johnson is a book anyone addicted to tobacco will wish they had found it years ago. As a motivational speaker that stresses results, I was happy to see that Life Changes had a similar orientation. The authors use a number of powerful techniques to help a person beat tobacco addiction. Techniques and strategies that have proven to help people make personal changes with affirmations, reasonable goals, daily plans to achieve them, visualization, relaxation, and appropriately stated aversive and positive suggestions. All of the more than 120 techniques and strategies put together form a supportive, personal framework that empowers one to focus on short-term, then life-long results. The key principles and skills provide more ways to use setbacks, when necessary, to learn more about ourselves and enable us to use them to bounce back quickly with less fear of relapse. Life Changes uses a self-instructional, self-paced approach that anyone can use, with an emphasis on taking personal responsibility to learn the skills you need. You can start at any point in the book, and implement the steps in the order you feel most confident with. I love how the book relies on the reader to be imaginative and use their creativity to apply the program to daily life and adapt the skills to their goal of beating tobacco for life. Life Changes is a self-instructional, self-paced program that works in proportion to the time and attention you give to learning how to use the program skills daily. You may have tried to beat tobacco many times, but this time buy a book to use that builds on what you know for life changes. I highly recommend it!

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